Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Little Shpoholic

Brandi went to the Santa shop at school today. I sent her with ten dollars, and told her to get gifts for her sister, brother, dad, and me. She was so excited when she got home. I got to see what she bought for everyone, except me. She did slip and say one of my gifts was ear rings, so she went ahead and gave them to me. They are little blue hearts, with smaller purple hearts in the middle. So cute! I can not wait to proudly wear them.

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Jennifer said...

awww. that is so sweet. i'm glad she was able to find some thing for everyone in the family that is awesome. i should take my kids to the dollar store and let them get for each other and their dad. i be they would love to pick out a gift just from them to each family member. :) and it wouldn't cost much at all. i think it might be a little late this year, i'm not sure when i'll be shopping again, but maybe for next year. :)