Friday, December 5, 2008

Saltwater Fish

Ryan has a little fish tank in his room. Right now it is home to one tadpole from the creek, and a turtle we caught at the lake. The kids love watching them swim around, and are looking forward to watching the tadpole turn into a frog. I would love to get a big fish tank for the living room and fill it with saltwater fish. There is just something extremely relaxing about watching colorful fish swim around. It's almost hypnotic. Growing up, we had a big fish tank filled with fish. I would love to have some live coral in mine as well as the fish. I would put clown fish, like Nemo, because I think the kids would love that. Maybe I could recreate the fish tank from the dentists office. Those are some amazingly beautiful fish.

There is a website where you can buy saltwater fish online. Reef Hot Spot sells exotic saltwater fish, rare corals, and saltwater invertebrates. They ship anywhere in the United States. You can chose from an amazing selection of beautiful fish. They offer discount prices, as well as rare and exotic types of saltwater fish. They also offer a 14 day live guarantee, and free shipping for orders over $225. So if you are looking to start a saltwater fish tank of your own, or add to one you already have, check out Reef Hot Spot for all your saltwater fish needs.

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Jennifer said...

no way dude!! i was just at a friends house last night and they have an amazing salt water tank and i was thinking how much i would LOVE to have one. i was going to do some research on it today and see what it was all about... but not much time. :)

you know what they say...

GREAT minds think alike!! :)