Monday, December 8, 2008

Tupperware...Oh My

If you haven't read my tupperware dilemma, go here first.

I'll wait.

Okay, well, I called tupperware this morning, and explained that I never received my shipment. I explained how GPS and MapQuest have my address listed as a house about a 1/4 mile down the road. Without hesitating, the nice man said they would re-ship the order. I asked how I could be sure it would make it to my house. He said that if this one didn't make it to me, they would contact fedex.

Um, yeah, I didn't want to wait and not get it again, so I called fedex myself. They asked for my tracking number on the first package, and after giving it, she asked if I had looked in my carport, because that is where the driver left it. I told her I don't have a carport.

Her reply....oh.

Yeah, okay. I told her they had reshipped the order, and that I wanted to make sure they had the right directions, because I am also expecting the pictures from the contest I won at Tammy's, and I wanted to make sure that was delivered here, too. She said until I had a new tracking number, they couldn't put directions into the computer.


Now I have to wait for tupperware to re-ship, get the tracking number, and call fedex back. Then they can put directions with it. When I asked about my picture package, she told me that unless I had a tracking number, they couldn't do anything to guarantee it makes it here.

What the crap?

Isn't that their deliver things to the correct houses?

They better not screw this up, again.

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Jennifer said...

i'm first... i'm first. ha ha!!


okay that was immature, but i had to make something light in my comments from my other comment on your other blog... although i meant it all. :)

anyway... that is totally retarted about fedex... they just like to drop shit where ever it is easiest for them then huh?? right house or not?? duh!! i would go down the road and check in the carport. lol

that is great though that tupperware is just shipping it to you for free again. totally awesome. what a great company!! i hope they you get it this time and also your pics that you WON!!! :)

good luck w/ all that.