Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Protect Your Belongings


How many times have you lost your cell phone? Or your music player? Or even your keys? There is now a really simple way to improve the chances of getting those lost items back. Foundit Lost and Found Service is a new way to greatly increase the likelihood of someone returning your personal property. The person who finds your property simply calls the toll free number on the decal, and you will be notified that your property has been found. Foundit acts as the "middle man", protecting your identity and where you live. They will arrange for your property to be returned to you, either by meeting in a mutual, safe location, or having it shipped to you, without the finder ever having access to your personal information.

It really is simple How it Works. You just order the company's high quality, durable and weather resistant decals, and affix them to your property. It could be your cell phone, camera, keys, or anything really. The decals adhere to any clean service. You can even use them on your kids stuff. Then you just register your items at, and you are done. They have an 80.7% return rate on lost items.

If you are giving electronics this Christmas, think about protecting them as well.

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Laurie B. said...

I love your blog and choice of topics. I'm so glad I'm "a follower" of your blog. with gratitude, laurie B.