Monday, December 15, 2008

Seven Layers Of Me Meme

I stole this from the amazing Jenn...

LAYER 1: Tell us your…

* Name: Jennifer Lynn
* Birthday (month, day): February 4
* Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
* Current location: Spartanburg, South Carolina
* Eye color: green...sorry, jenn ;)
* Hair color: dirty blond and, ahem, a little gray
* Height: 5' nothing
* Righty or lefty: Righty
* Zodiac sign: Aquarius

LAYER 2: What’s…

* Your heritage: I'm a mutt, with a lot of Irish and Swedish
* The shoes you wore today: Black Flip, it's not really warm enough, but I have a little cut on my toe and socks and shoes hurt!
* Your fears: do we REALLY want to open this can of worms????
* Your perfect pizza: mushrooms and spinach is my current favorite!
* Goals you’d like to achieve: um....make more money with my blogs
* Your first waking thoughts: it's 5:20 already?
* Your best physical feature: My new boobs! Okay, my eyes.
* Your most missed memory: um........

LAYER 3: Do you…

* Smoke: No. I quit seven years ago, cold turkey, and have only once felt like doing it again, in a moment of EXTREME STRESS, but I didn't.
* Cuss: I’d make a sailor blush. ** Jenn stole this answer, and I'm going to steal it from her!
* Sing: Yes, I sing, ALL...THE...TIME...just not well! lol!
* Do you think you’ve been in love: There's not a doubt in my mind.
* Did you go to college: briefly.
* Liked high school: Kinda. I was smart and a "good girl", so I missed out on dating and such, but I had great friends who I miss.
* Want to get/stay married: Yeah. I've already put in 13 years, I may as well see how much longer we will last! :)
* Believe in yourself: Abso-tootin-lutely!
* Think you’re attractive: Yup. I'm beautiful!
* Think you’re a health freak: Not even close, although I wish I were.
* Get along with your parent(s): Yes
* Like thunderstorms: Mostly, but I hate when the kids get scared.
* Play an instrument: I sat first chair viola for years! Not sure how much I would's been almost 20 years since I had one in my hands.

LAYER 4: In the past month have you…

* Drank alcohol: Nope.
* Smoked: Nope.
* Done a drug: Nope.
* Made out: Yup.
* Gone on a date: If you count grocery shopping while the kids are in school!
* Gone to the mall: Yup...Black Friday
* Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Nope. I prefer chocolate chip, but not the whole box.
* Been on stage: Nope.
* Been dumped: Nope.
* Gone skating: Nope.
* Gone skinny dipping: Yeah, right! lol!
* Stolen Anything: hugs and kisses count?

LAYER 5: Have you ever…

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: Nope.
* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Boy do I have a story about this one night, at a sweet sixteen party.......
* Been caught “doing something”: um...........maybe ;)
* Been called a tease: Yes.
* Gotten beaten up: Nope.
* Shoplifted: Nope.


* Age you did get/hope to be married:23
* Numbers and names of children (either you have or want): 3 monsters...Ryan is 13, Kasi is 11, and Brandi Rose is 7.
* Describe your dream mate: These days he is seventeen and a vampire....
* How do you want to die: Quickly.
* What did you want to be when you grow up: I'm not sure I want to grow up yet!
* What country would you most like to visit: I'm happy right here. I have no desire to travel.

LAYER 7: Now tell…

* Name a drug you’ve taken illegally: I smoked pot once when I was about 19 or 20, and I hated it. Never did it again.
* Name a person you could trust with my life: hubby.
* Name a favorite CD that you own: Right now it's Sugarland's Love On The Inside
* Number of piercings: 5, all in my ears
* Number of tattoos: I don't like pain, so that's never gonna happen!
* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: The births of my children, and when I made the front page of our local paper because of our power bill.
* Name a past experience that you regret: The day I started smoking. It was so not worth it!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

i smoked too... duh. stupid mistake but whatever... I quit cold turkey 7 yrs ago too! right around 9/11... actually a few days before!! :)

who would have thought we'd have that in common.

and you with GREEN eyes!! uh! you'r lucky i love ya... or i'd be jealous!! lol okay... lets face it... i'm still jealous!! :P

and i forgot that i was in the paper for the births of my children... duh. good one.

and how HIGH was your bill that you made the front page?? wow.

i love Sugarland... and I also can't wait to hear that story about the sweet 16 party!! :)

and for some reason i had NO clue that you were born in OK... wow.

my blog friend Allie... she lives in OK now and hates it... she lived in TX before that. maybe she is getting more used to it now.. but i'm not sure. she just started blogging again. :)

how long did you live in OK??