Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I have always been a little overweight, even when I was in high school. I can lose weight if I restrict my diet, but I always put it back on within a few months of regular eating. I also have issues with weight gain during pregnancy. With each pregnancy, I gained weight. While pregnant with Ryan, my oldest, I gained almost 85 pounds. I remember everyone, especially my mom, telling me that I shouldn't gain so much, because it was so hard to lose "baby weight" after delivery. I wish I had listened. I am still carrying around pregnancy weight, and my youngest child just turned seven. I don't think I can blame it on "baby weight" anymore. My breasts were always on the bigger side, too, and with each pregnancy they got bigger, to the point of causing some health problems.

In July of this year I had a breast reduction. They removed fifteen pounds of breast tissue. While I am extremely happy with the results, I have some issues with my sides. I have a spot on each side of my chest, under my arms, where my stitches ended, that are sticking out. It is because of how heavy my breasts were before the operation. The surgeon said he could easily remove those spots with liposuction because they are essentially just fat deposits. Even with exercise, he doesn't think they will go away. I have to wait a year to fully heal, and then go back to discuss the options with him. It will be nice to have these problem areas fixed.

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