Monday, December 29, 2008

Senior Chatting

You have all heard over and over again how I met my husband. Now I want to hear your stories. Were you high school sweethearts? Did you meet in college? Was it a blind date like me? I love hearing the stories about how people met their spouses.

It's easy when you are young, and there are so many opportunities. School and work offer you the chance to meet many different people. But what happens when you are married for a while, and you lose your spouse, either by death or divorce? How do you go about finding someone to spend time with? It can be scary, because you have been out of practice, so to speak, for so long. There are programs available online, like Senior Chat rooms, that can help you to meet people who are around your age and share your interests. It takes a little bit of the pressure off, because you aren't on a face to face date, and you can decide before giving any information about yourself whether or not you want to get to know a person better. You still have to be very careful, but this is a good way to get your feet wet.

It beats moving to Florida!

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