Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are You A Follower?

Are you obsessed with the latest trends? Do you find yourself buying the latest hot items just because they are popular? I will admit to wanting to see the current blockbuster movies, and I am a sucker for best selling fiction. But when it comes to fashion, or the latest must have electronics, I am behind the times. I guess it's a good thing I found Wocal's Trends Source, where I can check out the latest in what's "hot". This site covers not only the latest fashion trends, but it also discusses the hottest topics on television. You can browse a number of categories, like gossip, or politics. I was checking out their accessories page, and I had no idea that Tinkerbell was so popular with girls these days. And it's not just little girls. Teen aged girls are fond of her as well.

I do love looking at the newest must have items for the kitchen. I enjoy baking, and love to find small appliances that can make it easier. I have cabinets and drawers full of gadgets and things that I use to bake, and am always looking for more. Wocal's home page showcases a seven cup food processor that I would love to have. Mine is small, and old. I do need a new one...

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