Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What A Deal!

Junior and I went grocery shopping this morning. We do a big shopping once a month, so we go from store to store looking for the best prices. Our BiLo has a special that we couldn't pass up.

  • buy a stouffers lasagna, party size $11.99
  • get free bagged salad mix
  • get free garlic bread
  • get free salad dressing
  • get free ice cream

Not a bad deal! I think it was about $10.00 in free stuff. We don't usually shop at BiLo, so I was super excited when I found my favorite ice cream that is really hard to find: chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribbons. I can wait to have some later!

1 comment:

B Boys Mom said...

My hubby would LOVE that ice cream. He loves any ice cream with peanut butter. I'm sick of grocery shopping it seems like everything is going up.