Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pizza, Anyone?

I have been thinking about going back to work. It is going to be difficult finding a job that will cater to the hours I am available. I would still need to be around to help with the kids homework. This really limits my possibilities. Then I started thinking how cool it would be if I just opened my own business. That way I could set my own schedule, and the kids could even hang out at work with me. I was thinking about opening a restaurant. I have worked fast food my whole life, so I know a little about the food service industry. I would open a "make your own pizza" restaurant. Doesn't that sound like fun? I would have all the toppings lined up behind a glass counter, and you got to pick exactly what went on your pie. The employees would bake the pizza's, of course, and you would pay by weight when the pizza is finished.

I would also get to design the dining area, and these cute chairs just scream pizzeria to me. I don't know why, but when I look at this restaurant chair I think of the family owned pizza parlors that are popular up north. Maybe it would help my little pizza restaurant down here in South Carolina if I advertised that I grew up on New York Pizza.

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KAT said...

That would be a great idea, and I love the chairs...only it would be a "huge" undertaking!! And I'm up north and we have similar chairs, and they are cute!!

Oh, you have to come over and see my new "Edward"!!! (drool) :)

Take care,