Thursday, March 5, 2009

Know The Words?

I love watching Movies. I love romantic comedies and mysteries. I love horror and scary movies even more. I guess you could say I will watch just about anything. I do, however, like to know what other people think about a movie before I watch it. Not necessarily critics, but people like me, who just enjoy watching movies. There is now a website you can go to that has Mystery Movie Reviews
by everyday people. You can even sign up and hype movies yourself. You can share your opinion by rating it with stars. Sign up is quick and easy, as well as free.

It's not just movies you can rate. You can read music reviews as well. Now, I will admit, I am very particular about the music I listen to. I love songs you can sing along to, and I can become obsessed with knowing all the words. I spend more time than I will admit online looking up lyrics. My biggest pet peeve is when my kids, or anyone really, sing the wrong words to songs. It drives me crazy! Even as a kid, I had to know the words. This was before the internet, so I would tape it off the radio and listen over and over until I knew every word. Drove my sister crazy!

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