Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding More Space

I need more space.

This little apartment was not made for five people to be living in it. The bedrooms are pretty small, and don't have enough room for all the kids things. I was thinking of investing in some new Beds that might be able to help with the space issue. Right now, I sleep with Brandi and Kasi in the girls room. I want to get Brandi into her own bed, but there just isn't enough room to put another bed in there.

Then I had a bright idea. I would look into bunk beds. Two beds that only take up the space of one. It seemed like the perfect solution. Until I tried to decide who would sleep on the top.

I was going to put Brandi on top, but she is afraid of rolling off in her sleep. I tried to explain to her that the rails would keep her in, but she doesn't believe me. I think she has seen one to many episodes of funniest videos. They are always showing kids falling off the top bunk.

I don't think it's a good idea to put Kasi up there, either. She is so clumsy, she would probably fall down the ladder the first time she tried to get down. Trust me, the kid can trip over lint.

This means I am no closer to a solution. I guess I will just have to accept the fact that we are going to be squished up in here, and that's okay. I think it brings us closer together.

Well, most days.

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