Friday, March 6, 2009

Concrete Elephants

Did you know that I was an elephant freak? I collect them, and have almost three hundred in my collection. I have glass elephants, and ceramic elephants, and even a few metal elephants. There are a few elephants I have my eye on, though, but I just can't convince Junior to spend the money.

You see, there is this house. They have brick work on both sides of their driveway. Sitting on top of the bricks are four huge concrete elephants. To complete the look, sitting between the two ends of the circular driveway is a bird bath. An elephant bird bath. An elephant bird bath that squirts water out of it's trunk.

I want those elephants!

Junior thinks I will need to hire concrete contractors to make the towers for the elephants to sit on. I don't think we have to, but I would LOVE to have some decorative concrete work done as well. Maybe a nice patio, with the elephants at the corners, since we don't really have a driveway. Of course, I would have to get our landlords approval, and I just don't see that happening. I will just have to wait until we are able to buy our own home someday. When that day comes, I would also love to have some structural concrete work done. Maybe a half wall around some of the patio. And a place for the grill.

Oh, the possibilities.


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I never knew you liked elephants...heehee (wink)

Tammy said...

You definitely need them! I have a cement fisherman by my pond.