Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Natural Is Best

As most of you know, my sister Tami is pregnant. Already the mother of four boys, we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a little girl this time. Don't get me wrong, a healthy baby is most important, but after that, we want to be able to buy pink dresses and hair bows.

I remember when I was pregnant with Brandi, my youngest, I had a constant rash on my tummy. It got so bad that my doctor sent me to a dermatologist, who prescribed a hormone based cream. He said to use it sparingly, because it wasn't good for the baby. I don't think I even filled the prescription, because I knew I would never use it. What kind of a doctor prescribes something that could harm my child?

I wish I knew about Beaute de Maman then. This is a line of health and beauty products developed by an obstetrician to be safe for both mother and baby. I was checking out the website, and sure enough, they have a cream for stretch marks. I am sure this would have helped my problem. Their products contain only natural and herbal ingredients. Many celebrities, like Penelope Anne Miller and Chyler Leigh, use these products. I am not one to use something just because a celebrity does, but I am all about using the most natural products during pregnancy. I am sure my sister is, too.

If you are like us and want only the most natural products to use during your pregnancy, order now.

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