Monday, March 16, 2009

Van Insurance

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the problems we were having finding Van Insurance? Our agent told us that many companies won't insure full sized vans because too many people are living in them. When he finally found a company willing to insure it, he told us not to be surprised if they sent someone out to take pictures in a few months, making sure we're not living in it.

Well, we got a letter the other day, saying that the company wanted more proof of residence. We had to bring our power bill, and let them make a copy to send to the company. A few days after providing that, we get a phone call saying they want to make a copy of another bill. We brought our cable bill down there, and they copied that, finally satisfied that we live where we claimed. Talk about overkill! I understand that they have to be cautious, but it was getting ridiculous. makes it easy to find the right insurance for you. They will compare quotes, and get you the best deal possible. They even offer up to 70% off van insurance. Maybe if you need your van insured, they can get you a better deal than our agent got us.

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