Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Kids Junk

The past couple of days it has done nothing but rain. You know what that means? My yard is once again one big mud puddle. I hate when it gets like this, because it takes forever for it to dry out again. The neighbor behind us has some trees removed, and that provides a little more sun for us now, but not enough to dry out the grass. I say grass, but I don't know how much grass is left under all this rain water!

Once it does dry out, the kids and I have some work to do in the yard. I am going to have Junior Hauling some stuff to the landfill. When we moved, the kids wanted to take every single thing we had at the old house, which is understandable. We just didn't have enough room for everything to come into the apartment. This meant that some things were left outside.

It's been eight months, and the kids haven't played with any of it. Most of it has been rained on, and ruined. I may need to hire someone who does Junk Removal to take some of it off. I may have to wait until the kids are back in school, though, so I can avoid the tears. I know if they don't see it go, they probably won't even realize it is gone. Hopefully these Junk Hauling people can do it quickly. I only have an eight hour window to work with.


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Tammy said...

I still got a couple of feet of snow on my lawn. :o(