Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dream House

Isn't this Bathroom Vanity gorgeous? I love the bowl look. It kind of looks old fashioned, but still modern with the sleek white, mirrored shelf along side. I am a sucker for white in a bathroom. To me it is just a cleaner look, and I like for my bathroom to look clean.

We are renters right now, but I spend a lot of time dreaming about what my future house will look like someday. The bathroom, of course, would have a double sink vanity so that Junior would have his own sink to make a mess in. I absolutely hate having to wipe up his stray hairs after he trims his beard. Maybe if he has his own sink, that he is responsible for keeping clean, he will realize how annoying those little hairs can be. And don't even get me started about the kids and toothpaste. They just need their own bathroom altogether, where I will put a vanity that I can just hose down. I'm pretty sure it's not just my kids who are slobs. Maybe I should design a bathroom that is self cleaning. Oh, just imagine the money I would make!

I would have guest bathrooms in my dream house, and they would have modern bathroom vanities. They would all be white, of course, but each would be different. Each bathroom would be a different color. And I guess while I'm dreaming, I can imagine that I have a maid who keeps all these bathrooms clean.

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Anonymous said...

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