Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have to go with Junior to therapy tomorrow. His therapist asked that I come in so we can discuss the things Junior just doesn't tell her. I am a little worried that I will say something that Junior doesn't want her to know, but honestly, I think it's good if I do. I know he avoids certain things with her, and I told him a couple of weeks ago that he needs to be more honest if he expects them to help him. Did that just make sense?

Anyway, I hope it goes well, and I hope Junior isn't too mad at me when we leave.

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KAT said...

That made perfect sense, and I hope he isn't mad too!!

But, I don't know why he is going, but the only way he will get the full help he needs is to be honest, and not avoid issues....she can't help with what she doesn't know??
You might talk to him, and let him know that, and once he or you discloses, if it is a really really tough topic, he has every right to say that he doesn't want to talk about it. But things kept to self in therapy only hinder treatment.

Boy, did that just sound like therapy?? lol

Anyway, I have finally posted my gratitude award, come see!