Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was talking about how I painted the girls shelves different colors to brighten up their room, which got me thinking that maybe they need some paintings for the walls. I found this artist, Glen Tarnowski, and his paintings are beyond beautiful. The one on the left is really cool, even though I don't understand it. I am sure there is all kinds of meaning to the flower and the fish, and the guy on the tightrope, if that is even supposed to be a guy. Either way, I love the colors in this one.

He also does sculptures that are amazing. He has one of an apple cut in half, and made into a butterfly. You definitely need to go check out his site, especially if you are looking for some art for your home.

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Sandy said...

Strange little print, but cute at the same time. I love your idea of painting the shelves different colors! I love color and think that would indeed brighten up a room. I'm gonna pass that along to my daughter who will soon be moving. Sounds like a good way to spruce things up without spending lots of cash.

Thanks for the idea.
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