Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sex Offenders

When my kids started school years ago, I was extremely over protective. Ryan was five years old, and Kasi was only four. I was pregnant with Brandi, and was concerned about walking the kids to the bus stop early in the mornings once I had the baby. I didn't like the idea of my little ones standing on the corner by themselves, so I battled the transportation department, trying to get them to pick the kids up at my house. I didn't get very far, however, until I told the bus supervisor that there were two sex offenders living in my neighborhood, and I feared for my kids safety. The next day the bus stopped in my driveway to pick the kids up.

I was able to Track Sex Offenders in my area using this simple website. You just put in the zip code of your town, and it shows you a map of where all the sex offenders live in your town. It's scary to see how close they are to you, and should make you think twice about letting your kids out of your sight, especially when they are little. I was very glad that this information was available to me, and helped me to protect my kids.

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