Monday, February 23, 2009

I Want Candy!

Do you remember that song? For some reason, it popped right into my head this morning. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have decided to start dieting today. I am sure in a couple of days I will be craving candy. It was so much easier when I didn't have kids to resist the sweets.

Lately, their favorite has been gum. Junior and I usually let them pick out a little something if we go to the store over the weekend, but only if they have been mostly good all week. For the past few weeks, they have all been picking out gum. When I asked Brandi why, she said it's because gum lasts the longest. She's a pretty smart kid.

My favorite candy has always been Haribo gummy bears. When we went out to eat with my mom and Colleen on Saturday night, they had a dessert bar at the restaurant. Colleen saw that Brandi had gotten some bears for her ice cream, and was going up to get herself some. I asked her to get me some, but only the white and red ones, because those are my absolute favorites. She rolled her eyes, and said she was not standing up there, picking through the gummy bears. However, when she returned, she had a bowl of red and white gummies just for me. Do I have the sweetest sister, or what?

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lunaticg said...

I remember a movie with the same title...
I love candy to...
See you around.