Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Save It

A little over a month ago, my computer went crazy. I was unable to do the simplest things, and it was so slow. It was taking about three minutes just to load my blog. I could forget about dropping ecards. That took hours and hours and hours. Luckily my brother is a computer guy, and was helping to talk me through fixing it. It turned out that I had a virus. A pretty bad one, apparently, because it was causing my computer to hide programs from me, making it impossible to get rid of. I ended up having to let my brother take my computer, and wipe it clean and start over. He was able to save my pictures, thank goodness, but I lost everything else. The good news is that when I got my computer back, it was better than ever! I was able to go back to my normal activity, without the slow loads and hidden programs. My brother is the best!

I know some people use Online Backups to save all their information, and I think it's a great idea, and something I might have to look into. My brother may get tired of having to clean up my messes!

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