Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yummy Candy

We are big sweet eaters in our house. I know we shouldn't give in to the kids so much when they ask for candy, but let's face it, candy is yummy! If I could buy Bulk Candy I would because it would probably cost less than the individual packs I buy at the grocery store.

Branid has gotten bad about asking for gum. She carries a little pocketbook, and she thinks that she needs to have gum in there at all times. That's right, I said need. It's gone beyond wanting. She has tried almost every kind of gum available, and knows exactly which one she needs to have. I guess it could be worse, because her favorites are usually the sugarless ones, and I do prefer her chewing gum than scarfing down candy bars.

For Christmas, Santa like to fill their stockings with candy. This past year, they got some Laffy Taffy. I am not usually a fan of the pure sugar candies, but I tried the watermelon flavored laffy taffy, and it was yummy! I also like the banana, but not the strawberry. I don't know why. The kids will eat any flavor. They aren't picky at all.

If only I could get them to eat their vegetables that easily...

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