Thursday, February 26, 2009


Are you guys tired of hearing me talk about how much I want a fire pit? I hope not, because I found this beautiful one, and fell in love. I love the chairs that come with it. They look so comfortable. I can see Junior, the kids and I hanging out, roasting hot dogs, and just enjoying being outside. I wish our front porch was big enough for some outdoor furniture. We are going to have to put some brick down in part of the yard to make a patio for outdoor furniture and our grill. Brandi and I have been discussing making some flower boxes, and they would look great surrounding the brick patio. We used to have some wicker furniture when we lived at the old house, but we left it when we moved. We just didn't have room for it. Now I wish we had put it in storage or something. I have been finding great deals on patio furniture and am excited to get some. Comfort is just as important to me as price, so finding comfortable chairs at a great price is a must.

So tell me, what is your one must have outdoor item? Is it a fire pit, or a lounge chair? Maybe a big grill? Maybe even some wicker furniture? I'm sure whatever your must have item is, you will find comfort in it, and that is what is most important.

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