Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three About Me

Three's About Me!

Three Names I Have Been Called...
1. jennifer
2. jenn
3. b*tch

Three Jobs I Have Had In My Life...
1. McDonald's
2. Supermarket
3. pharmacy...briefly...I hated it!

Three Places I Have Lived..
1. New York
2. North Carolina
3. South Carolina

Three Hobbies...
1. crochet
2. woodworking
3. blogging :)

Three things most people do not know about me...
1. I can solve the rubik's cube
2. I never had a boyfriend until I was out of high school
3. I have only had two serious broke my heart, and I married the other.

Three TV Shows That I Watch...
1. ER...I don't know what I'm going to do April 9th...
2. Survivor
3. Big Bang

Three places I Have Been...
1. disney
2. um....
3. that's about it! lol! How sad am I?

Three places I want to go...
1. soon as they build a bridge
2. soon as they build an even bigger bridge
3. Oklahoma, to see where I was born

That's three about me, now three's about you too?

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