Monday, February 9, 2009

My Love Of Keith

Did you know that I love Keith Urban? I don't think I have discussed my infatuation in a while, mostly because I have discovered Sugarland and David Cook. I have a tendency to focus on one singer at a time, until I know all the words to every song they sing, then I move on to the next. But, in the end, I always go back to Keith. I would love to visit Australia, and maybe just happen to run into him while out and about. It would be easier if I were wearing a costume from costume hire Melbourne so that he wouldn't see what a complete idiot I was. I don't mean dressing up as a monkey, but maybe a nice 80's look. Yeah, that won't make him run away screaming! lol!

Okay, fantasy time is over. We all know I will never get to Australia. You have to fly, and I don't do airplanes.

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