Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vegas, Here We Come

Have you ever dreamed of getting away? Of just packing up everything you own and moving across town? Or across the country? I sometimes dream of living somewhere exciting, where there is always something going on. I grew up in New York, and while I do not want to raise my kids there, I do miss being able to go to the diner for something to eat in the middle of the night. Where I live now in South Carolina, the only thing to do in the middle of the night is visit Wal-Mart.

If you are thinking of moving to Las Vegas, you should check out Seven Hills Las Vegas. This community is several smaller communities in one, ranging from entry level homes to gated communities. If you are wanting to live on a golf course, you should check out Spanish Hills Real Estate. This community is set on three nine-hole courses, and also has a tennis center with 12 courts. If you are looking to live in a guard gated golf community, look into Southern Highlands Real Estate. This community also has a spa and fitness center, as well as a 25 meter lap pool. With houses valued in the millions, it's a little steep for my budget.

But a girl can dream...


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Jennifer said...

i'm not sure about living there, but i'd really like to visit LV. i hear that it is great for family vacays too. i really want to look into this. :)


B Boys Mom said...

I live where it's 20 minutes to anything. You have to plan your trips. I would love a vacation right now to someplace sunny like Las Vegas.