Sunday, February 1, 2009

Healthy Heart

There are so many people nowadays who have heart problems. It is common now for cardiac patients to be told to exercise. It makes sense, since exercise strengthens the heart. However, too much exercise can have the opposite effect and overwork the heart. To find the right balance, heart monitors are used.

There is a new strapless heart rate monitor now available that makes it easier to wear while exercising. It goes on your wrist, and uses a fingertip sensor. It comes with PC software that you can download, so that you can share your results with your doctors. This Advanced Heart Rate Monitor will make it easier to walk or run, because you will not have to worry about bulky chest straps getting in the way.

If you are a cardiac rehab patient, this Advanced Heart Rate Monitor may be perfect for you.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

i'm thinking that is has been so long since i've done REAL exercise that my heart would kill me if i tried to work out. :P

okay not a funny topic/subject. but this is really actually cool. bryan's grandparents have heart issues, maybe they could use soemthing like this and then they could try to get out for a walk every now and then but not worry about over doing it.

good idea.