Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Do you play FarmTown on facebook? We do.

Yesterday I received and invite to Farmville, which is basically the same game, just with different things to plant.

I am addicted to the first, and am sure I will be addicted to the new one.

Why do they have to make these games so much fun?

Oh, I know, so us moms have an excuse not to do housework! lol!


forgetfulone said...

I'm so addicted to farmtown! I'm not gonna check out farmville because all I need is one more thing to keep me on the computer.

Amanda said...

I, too, am addicted to FarmTown, but I've now started using Farmville, and I like it a lot better!! The graphics are better, animals are actually WORTH having around, and you don't have to wait for your farmer to finish one task before clicking on the next. I love it!

A rootdigger said...

Oh gosh yu should do farmville.

A rootdigger said...

And then there is Happy Aquarium, yoville, fairyland, fairies to send, hearts to send, smiles and hugs to distribute, Happy Cafe and ranch something. I would be here to noon If I really got caught up in them all the way. I try to return one farkle, yatch and the other games like that to relatives. Oh my gosh. I see now what they mean by face book 'stuff'

And all I want is a few trees some flowers and lots of pretties on my farm. I think there is a reason they restrict flowers from the start. I am addicted.