Friday, June 5, 2009

Losing Weight

I have been dieting since I was about thirteen years old. I was always on the heavy side, and my mom would always encourage me to lose weight. I would diet for a while and lose a little weight, but then once I started eating "normal" again, I would gain it all back. Unfortunately, this yo-yo trend has followed me into adulthood. I gained a lot of weight with each of my three pregnancies, and by the time I had Brandi, I was considered obese. I would put myself on diets, and I would lose weight. My problem has always been keeping it off. I hate to exercise, even though I feel better when I do. I know I have to do something different this time, because I have got to lose this weight for good.

I was reading about the Cookie Doctor and it's a pretty interesting diet. You eat six cookie meals a day, in place of breakfast, lunch, and snacks. They claim you could lose up to fifteen pounds a month. I could probably handle a diet where you get to eat six cookies a day. No exercise is required to lose the weight, but it is necessary to maintain your weight loss. I am at the point in my life where I have got to find a weight loss program that works for me. I think i might give this one a try.

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Beadwright said...

Hi I know the feeling. All my life I have been up down and in between. I joined Weight Watchers and only have 9 pounds to loose to make my goal. It is a different program from years ago and snacks and treats are encouraged. I am never hungry and it has been the easiest thing I have ever done to loose weight.