Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Living Room Furniture

Our love seat has a new home at the county dump. I am one step closer to the new furniture I want. You all know already that I really want a sectional sofa. But I got to thinking last night that if I got a new sofa, I would want a new entertainment center. The one we have now is old, and kind of out of style. I was looking at Legends Furniture and found some gorgeous units. We don't have an HD television yet, so we would have to get one to match all the new furniture. I loved the units that had shelving all around. I have a lot of books that I like to display. I was also looking at home office furniture, because my desk is in the living room. Right now I use a simple desk with three drawers, and I want something similar, because I don't have a lot of room. Right now nothing in this room matches, so I want the new stuff to all have the same look.

This has nothing to do with the new living room furniture I am dreaming about, but I also found storage beds. These are the beds that have drawers underneath, so you don't have to worry about having dressers. As cramped as we are in this apartment, these beds would be a space saving dream. If i can't talk Junior into the new living room furniture, I plan on talking him into the beds.


Ross said...

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