Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have three sisters and one brother. We all have the same mother and father, and we grew up as a pretty tight knit family. I remember going for "rides". It's exactly what it sounds like. We would all pile in the car, and just drive around.

When I was out of high school, my parents split up. My mom continued to want to "ride", and I remember countless times the two of us would take off. Living on Long Island, we usually drove out East, where the rich houses were, and to the places we knew we could see deer. My mom loved seeing deer. Now, living in South Carolina, my mom loves seeing cows. And trust me, there are plenty of cows.

It was on these "rides" with my mom that I discovered that I liked looking into people's windows. When it's dark outside, and they have a light on, you can see directly into their homes. I like seeing how different homes are decorated, and let's just say it, I'm nosy. I admit it.

I still do it, although not as often anymore, because Junior doesn't really like to "ride". But trust me, I've been working on him.

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