Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going To The Aquarium

For years, Junior and I have been discussing taking a trip to the big aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. It's about a five hour drive from here, and I know the kids would love it. I know I would, too. Now that Junior is off on weekends, we are trying to pick a weekend to go down. Junior doesn't want to drive there and back in the same day, so I have been looking into Atlanta Georgia Hotels. We stayed at a hotel once in Ohio, and it was such an pleasant experience. They offered a breakfast buffet, and the room had a refrigerator in it. I drink a lot, so that is an important feature for me. I like my drinks to stay cold.

If we stay for more than one night, we can take the kids to Six Flags, too. I know they have been wanting to go to a big amusement park, and if we're already down there, it would be a waste not to go. I have only been to Atlanta one time, and that was just driving through. To be honest, I was scared to death of the bridges, and the speed with which the drivers crossed those bridges. This time, Junior will have to find another way to go. I am a horrible passenger, which is why we aren't staying in a san diego california hotel. Junior would never make it across country with me in the car.

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