Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ryan Is Bored

It's summer vacation, and he has nothing to do. That's all I have been hearing the past week or so. I told him he could go outside and organize Junior's tools, and he thought that was a good idea until he saw how many tools Junior has. They are just thrown in buckets and totes, even though he has two different tool boxes. Ryan decided that until we have some Orlando Cabinets installed in the shed, he isn't touching the tools. He claims there is nowhere to put them all.

My mom called last night and asked us if we are allowed to put up a pool, because she found one on sale and wants to buy it for us. I told her we would have to ask the management company, and I am hoping they say we can. That would give the kids something to do every day besides bugging me. It would also be nice to be outside, and be cool at the same time. I have been writing about how much I miss having a pool, and really want to put one up. It's a twelve by thirty six, so it's not too big. Just perfect for the kids to hang out in. I am debating about whether I would allow Ryan and Kasi to watch Brandi if I am inside, but I really don't think I would. She is only seven, and it would only take a second for them to not be paying attention for something to happen to her.I don't want to take that chance.

I guess this means I get to enjoy the pool, too.

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