Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Dream

I am drooling right now.

I have tried to explain to you all the kind of outdoor kitchen I so desperately want. I was looking at fire magic outside kitchens and found the exact one that I see in my dreams. It has a huge grill, complete with burner. I can already taste the barbecue chicken with pineapple and corn on the cob that I will be grilling on there. It has drawers and outdoor kitchen cabinets for storing all my grill accessories. Do you see the sink? I love this option. It would allow me to clean as I go, or even to prepare the food right at the grill. Oh, and see the refrigerator? That is where I would keep my diet sodas, and maybe some juice boxes for the kids. Heck, I could even keep the food cold that is waiting to go one the grill.

Now we really need to use our imaginations, and picture an in ground on the other side of this kitchen. Imagine floating in the pool, smelling the food on the grill. I wish I could make this dream a reality, but the sad truth is that right now, I can't even afford a wading pool for the kids. But trust me. One day, I will have this grill. And a pool. And you will all be invited over for dinner.

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