Monday, June 8, 2009

My Sister's Pool

I have a sister who lives in New York. Her and her husband live in a gorgeous house, and last year they decided to put in a pool. They looked at a variety of pools online, but decided to go with custom pool designs that they picked out themselves. They hired a swimming pool contractor and worked on the plans for their pool.

They ended up getting a kidney shaped pool, but it was hard to put in because their back yard sloped. They had to build a retaining wall on the back side of the pool, and that was a lot of brickwork. They wanted to tie the bricks into the overall look of their yard, so they looked at landscaping designs before deciding on what kind of patio to put around the pool. I wish I had pictures of the finished product, because it came out beautiful. They have a circular patio with brickwork that leads from the house down to the pool. The pool itself is huge, and they have a diving board that the kids love. My kids have been bugging me to head up there for a vacation, just so they can swim in the pool. I will admit that that sounds like a wonderful idea.

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