Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Luck

Here is how our luck runs. We buy a vehicle. We get the warranty that covers the car for so many miles or so many years. During the time the warranty is good, nothing goes wrong with the car. It runs smooth, no ticks or smoking. Then, the day after the warranty expires, everything goes wrong. I just happen to be married to someone who knows how to fix just about everything that can go wrong. The problem we run into is that sometimes the parts needed to fix it can be so expensive. That's when I look at Junior and tell him that we should have gotten the Extended Auto Warranty. But he believes that if we get the extended warranty, nothing will go wrong. I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry.

I told him to go to US Warranty Center and see what they have to offer. He could be sent to a company offering a warranty that matches his needs. They pre-screen the warranty companies, so you don't have to spend time doing research. They have already done it for you. They offer free quotes, and there is no obligation to buy anything.

One of my friends just learned the hard way that she should have gotten an extended warranty. She paid her car off a couple of months ago. She is out of work, and so is her fiance. On her way to the store last week, the motor in her car blew out. Now the car is sitting in her yard, and she has no way to get it fixed. If she had gotten an extended warranty, she might be driving that car right now. She told me that the next car she buys will be under warranty the entire time she drives it. She says the peace of mind that will come with knowing she is covered will make it worth the cost. I just wish I could get Junior to think the same way.

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Karen said...

Yes, I believe firmly in extended warranties !!

I also have learnt the hard way ....that the day after your buy comes out of warranty them it will blow up, break, come to a shuddering halt and so on !!