Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking A Personal Day

The kids have been out of school for a little more than a week. I don't enforce bedtimes during the summer, so they have been staying up late. Brandi has been staying up until midnight or later, and then sleeping until noon. Kasi and Ryan go to bed before her, which I find pretty amusing. I think it's because they like to get up earlier than me in the mornings, because that is the only time they get to use the computer. Once I get up I kick them off. It's not like I do it so I can check out free interracial chat rooms. I kick them off so I can get my work done. I am going to start scheduling myself a day off each week, because I am seriously getting burned out. There are days I don't feel like blogging at all. I don't want to get to the point where blogging becomes a chore, because I enjoy it too much. I like keeping family and friends informed about our day to day happenings.

Maybe I'll schedule my first day off for tomorrow. Oh, wait, that won't work. I have too much lined up for tomorrow.

Maybe Sunday will work better.

Or Monday.

1 comment:

The Pauline Goat Ranchers said...

you know what is so flippin' funny is that you added in interracial dating sites into your post I almost fell out, lol! Too funny!

I was reading along and then what the??? hahaha!

I am still laughing!