Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Going To Win ~ Fingers Crossed

Do you want to win $10,000? I could do so many things with that much money. We could put a down payment on a house, which we desperately need, or we could buy a new car. Heck, we could get me some driving lessons so I can drive the new car. We could even stash some away for Christmas, and be able to but the kids everything on their lists this year. There are so many possibilities.

Or maybe you want to win a three day/two night vacation with $500 spending cash? I know I could use a vacation. I want to go to the beach somewhere. I want to worry only about sunscreening the kids and making sure they don't drown. If we can't find a beach, I'd settle for a hotel with a nice pool. I'll be happy anywhere I can swim.

I want to win, so I entered the Cash In On Summer Sweepstakes. It was so easy. I just went to and filled out a simple form. They are giving away one grand prize of $10,000 and two runner up prizes of vacations to a location in the Continental US, including air transportation, $500 Choice Hotel gift card, and $500 spending cash. As much as I would love the grand prize, I really want the vacation, too.

I almost forgot to mention the other prizes. They are going to give Choice Hotels International gift bags to fifty random winners. These bags are filled with goodies from Choice Hotels and Good Morning America. As I've said, this GMA hotel promo is easy to enter. It took me about three minutes. You only have until June 26th to enter, so go do it now.

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