Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Rugs

I have an area rug in my kitchen under my table. It is made up of little squares, with squiggly lines in each square. The squares are black and different shades of gray. It's kind of hard to explain the details, but I love this rug. It is more contemporary than your average oriental rug, and I am sad to say that I may need to replace it soon. The corners have started curling up, and I am constantly tripping over them.

I want to replace it with a rug that has a similar "feel". I don't want something too fussy, or too old fashioned. I like the one pictured. I need a rug that has a lot of black in it, because it is going in my kitchen, and my kitchen is accented in black. I love the squiggly lines.

I have an area rug in my living room too, but that one is more traditional. It has the look of a real oriental rug, with the diamonds and earthy colors. I probably wouldn't have chosen it if I had a choice, but it was a gift, so I use it. Besides, it covers the stains in the carpet really well.

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