Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Planning Made Easier

I never had a wedding. Junior and I were married at the courthouse. I know every girls dreams about her wedding day, and as much as I would love to someday have a "real" wedding, I don't know if I could handle all the preparations without losing my sanity. I went online searching for photographers and caterers, just to see what I would be up against, and came across this site that has all kinds of Los Angeles Wedding Services in one place. I could even search for services in my own town, too. The best part is that all I would have to do is enter information about the services I am looking for, and the professionals come to me. They will put in bids, and I can pick the one that best matches my needs. Just think of how much stress that relieves. No making phone calls or sending emails, and I would get the best deals, because the providers of wedding event services would be competing with each other for my business.

Maybe I'll plan a renewal of our wedding vows, complete with the walk down the aisle, for our twentieth wedding anniversary in six years. That's enough time to plan, right?

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