Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God Bless The USA

This is the time of year when Americans become even more patriotic. Flags are flown outside of more homes, fireworks light up the sky, and families come together to grill out and enjoy each others company. I am having my family over on the third to celebrate. The kids will swim, the adults will cook, and then later that night, we are all going to watch the big fireworks display put on by a nearby town. Last Saturday we went and watched some fireworks, and they had a band do a concert before they began. The last song they sang, right before the fireworks began, was God Bless The USA. I have to tell you, that is probably my favorite patriotic song. My kids love it, too. Ryan asked if I could download it onto his mp3, so I tried to find it.

I came upon a really good deal at Amazon.com. I can download A Salute To America, which is an album of thirty patriotic songs played by 101 Strings Orchestra. I previewed God Bless The USA, and while it is not the same as the version on the radio, it was beautiful. Right now you can download all thirty songs for $1.89. I know the little picture above says $1.99, but I was just at the site, and it says $1.89. But you need to hurry though, because this offer is only good until July 3rd.

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