Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going To Canada

One of my best friends lives in Canada. I have never met her, but she is like a sister to me. We met through blogging almost two years ago, and became instant friends. I am looking into canada ski vacations so that I can go visit her. She just went skiing recently with her son, and from the video I watched, it looked like they had a great time. I have never been skiing before, and am not sure if I am brave enough to try it. I would probably be the cheerleader for everyone else.

I want to be able to see her kids dance while I am there, too. I have seen so many videos of her daughter dancing, and she is amazingly talented. I wish my kids were interested in dancing. I recently want to a friend's son's recital, and I really enjoyed watching the kids dance. The little three year old girls were extremely cute. Hopefully I can find some Canada vacation packages that will allow me to spent a good amount of time there. I have other friends I would love to visit, too, so I probably need a couple of weeks up there.

I need to start saving for my trip now, and maybe in a couple of years I'll be on my way!

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