Monday, June 1, 2009

Ah, Paradise

Have you heard about walkin tubs? I have seen the commercials on television, and decided to check them out.

Now I want one.

I want the one in the picture. It's called the Aria. It has 22 air jets that swirl the water around you as you relax in the deep tub. I love deep tubs, and this one isn't too wide, so it doesn't require as much water as a hot tub would. This is only one of many tubs they offer, and while it is my favorite, you might prefer something else. Check out their website, and I am sure you will want one just as much as I do.

I should also mention that this tub is great for people who can't climb into a regular tub. It has a door that opens, allowing you to just walk right in. It's perfect for older people, people with disabilities, and people like me who just want a really cool tub to soak in with a good book.

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