Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I can not believe how fast this year is going by. I mean, it's already April! Next month is Kasi's birthday. I remember the year she was born. I brought her home from the hospital a couple of days before Mother's Day. This year I will probably get flowers for Mothers day, and that's perfectly fine with me. After spending the last two days watching my sister Cheryl chase her 13 month old around, I have no desire to have another child. I don't miss those days when I couldn't sit and have a conversation without a kid constantly needing my attention. Does that make me selfish? Maybe. But I've done my time with three kids. I don't need anymore.

That said, I can not wait until I have grandbabies. Of course, this will be many, many years in the future, but I can not wait to play with and love on a child I get to send home with it's mother when I'm done! lol!

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B Boys Mom said...

I so agree with you! I'm done with babies but love babies that go home.