Friday, April 3, 2009

I Want A Pool!

I want a pool.

I want to be able to swim everyday.

I want to enjoy lounging in the sun, floating in the crystal clear water.

I know it won't happen anytime soon.

This is the first full summer we will be spending here at the apartment. I know for a fact we are not allowed to have a real, hard sided pool. I am hoping we can get away with one of those blue do it yourself pools, but who knows. We don't pay the water bill, it's included in our rent, so they might get upset if we fill a pool.

One day I hope to have a beautiful in-ground pool. I was looking at Napa pools and they have some gorgeous designs. I would want beautiful landscaping around it, with a diving board and a slide for the kids. I remember growing up, we had a four foot pool. Our house was pretty popular during the summer months. We weren't as popular as those kids who had in-ground pools, but I think having the four foot was perfect for us. You could play better games in our pool. Although, nothing beats diving to fetch those sticks that sink in the in-ground pools.

Listen to me. I am babbling. I am going to check out some Walnut Creek pools and San Jose pools so I can dream and drool a little. I am sure someday we will have our dream pool. I just wish someday was tomorrow.

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