Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Call Me

I hate my phone number.

We have had the same number for the last eight months or so, ever since we moved. The people who had this number before us apparently never paid a bill in their lives, because I get calls every day from collection agencies looking for them. Sometimes these companies don't tell me who they are, and get downright nasty when I say I am not who they are looking for. I have asked time and time again to be removed from there computers, but that never works. I have started checking their numbers in the National Phone Listing and calling them back, asking for their supervisors. This still doesn't work. I still get called.

My favorites are the ones who ask for "her", and when I say I am not her, and that this is my number now, they ask me if I know "her" new number. I try to explain to them that the phone company gave me this number, not "her", so how am I supposed to know who or where she is? This is when they infer that I am actually "her", pretending not to be. It is at this point that I tell them to call directory assistance, ask for my name, and see what number they get. This is usually where they hang up on me, only to call back again tomorrow. It is so frustrating!

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