Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ride The Manta!

I love roller coasters. This hasn't always been the case. The first time I rode a coaster was on a dare. We were at the amusement park, and it was a brand new ride. This was my first time going to a big park, and seeing the big coasters, and I was terrified. Then the guy I liked at the time called me a chicken and dared me to ride it. That was all it took. The wait was like two hours, and I was so scared. But when the time came, I got right on with everyone else, closed my eyes, and held on for dear life.

Ninety seconds later, it was over, and I was hooked. It was awesome! We went up and down. We were thrown side to side. We did loops and twists. I couldn't wait to try every coaster in the park, and I did.

I am beyond excited to hear that Sea World is opening a new coaster called the Manta. It's one of those coasters where you are laying down, facing the ground. What's unique about this coaster is that you are strapped to a giant manta ray. Now, if you want to get a "front of the line" pass, check out the link above. It brings you to their site, and once there, you can participate. There are six different things to do, and if you do all six things, you can get the pass. Doing two of the six things will get you a free picture from the ride. These are simple things, like taking the manta quiz, or twittering about how excited you are about this new ride. You can simply get three friends to join you in filling up a row on the ride, or upload a picture to flicker saying you love manta. You can even simply download a manta mask, and take a picture of yourself wearing it. Are you a YouTube junkie? Just make a video of yourself saying how excited you are about the manta. Doing all six of those things will get you the "front of the line" pass. The ride opens on May 22, 2009, so make plans now to be there for it's first day.

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