Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Can't Wait For Halloween This Year

I just had the best idea ever! You all know how every year we have a huge Halloween party. It's also Ryan's birthday party, but that's another post. I found the cutest Costumes
online, and decided on a theme for my family.

Are you ready for it?

We are going to dress as the characters from the Wizard of Oz!

Too cute, right?

I can totally see Brandi all decked out as Dorothy. She actually went through a stage where all she watched was this movie. I think she would love this.

As I was looking through the other Kids Halloween Costumes I found these next two costumes. I think Kasi would look great as the Tin Man. She loves wearing the full face make up. The last two years she was a witch, so she needs something different.

Ryan would be perfect as the Scarecrow. He is goofy enough to pull it off!

Of course I had to hunt through the Adult Halloween Costumes to find the perfect costume for Junior, and this is what I came up with...the Cowardly Lion! I love it! Now I just have to convince him to play along with us.
I guess you are wondering who I will dress up as. Well, let me ask you this...who is missing?
Who do you think I should be?


KAT said...

You need to be Glinda...the good witch of the North!!!!

Not the angry witch!! lol

Halloween Costumes Chick said...

These are some really cute costumes. I love Halloween!