Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Should We Move?

Our lease is up in a few months. I think we have to resign in August. I am not sure what we are going to do.

On one hand, I like where we live. It's off the road, so the kids can play in the yard without me worrying about them getting hit if a car veers off the road. It has the creek, and Ryan loves dropping his minnow basket to see what he can catch. We have seen a variety of fish, snakes, and craw fish over the last nine months, and I know he is looking forward to seeing what he can catch this summer. We also just planted our garden, and I would hate to move before we get every last vegetable off those plants.

But, and there is always a but, the roof still leaks. They do send someone out every time we call, and i guess they do try to fix the problem, but this is getting old. Poor Kasi has to sleep on the floor when it rains, because we have to put a bucket where her pillow is to catch the water leaking from the ceiling. The little piece that you push down to drain the tub broke, so the water stands in the tub for a long time before it finally drains, making it nice and slippery. The walls need to be painted because of the water stains, and I think they should have to pay for the paint. I'm not looking for them to buy a different color, I just want the water marks gone.

Junior is wanting to move further away from his family. He has been talking about leaving the state. I'm not too sure about that, because I have family here, but I agreed to at least look at other places. He wants to check out Austin Realtors and maybe move to Texas. I was born in Oklahoma, so it might be nice to be able to live close to where I was born, but I am not making any promises. I am just looking.

Who am I kidding. I would never move that far away from my mother.

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Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Come to the country- there are some houses near us that were built during the last building boom and when the economy hit the slump they couldn't sell them. We have watched them sit with no one to love them!

There are beautiful homes being sold, reduced and lease to own and rentals all here in the country-and we would be neighbors!!!

Ok we'd be about a mile( a minute) from each other but thats neighbors in the country!! :-}

Keep me posted!